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There are many categories of immigrant into the UK. Comprehensive figures are never given. Here are examples:-

Regular immigrants and dependents
EU Citizens who register
EU Citizens who do not register
Commonwealth & Dependency citizens with “The Right of Abode”
Those with Patriality
Spouses (an average of 25,000 per annum from the Indian SC)
Work Permit Holders who are granted leave to remain
Student Visa holders who are given leave to remain
Refugees & Asylum Seekers
Economic Migrants (usually holders of a visit visa, they simply stay on)

And so on.

The UK’s population increased (gross) by around 1.9 million in 2006/7:-

Legal Immigrants 574,000 ONS
New Births 734,000 ONS
“Overstays” 400,000 ONS *
Illegals 200,000 **
Total 1,908,000 Gross

* This is the figure published by the ONS for those visitors to the UK who simply stay on

** This figure is extrapolated from the number of illegal immigrants discovered at our major ports. Around 10 % of vehicles were stopped and searched in 2006

The number of people leaving the UK was given as 200,000 by the ONS. This includes those UK citizens who still return to the UK to use NHS services and those who receive a UK Government pension, heating allowance and other Government allowances and payments.

The contribution made by immigrants to the economy has been an argument used by Politicians, Civil Servants and others who support mass immigration. At a recent House of Commons Committee hearing the costs of providing immigration services was put at £8.78 Billion, as follows:-

Costs of crimes committed by Immigrants £4000 Million
Asylum Support / Processing £1600
Money Sent Home £1400
Border Controls £0690
HIV Treatment £0330
English Lessons £0280
Ethnic Minority Awards Scheme £0169
Security £0174
Translation Services £0100
The Commission for Race Equality £0032
Higher Education £0006.7
Local Authority Race Relations £0003.1

A Treasury Report stated that Immigration might add 0.5% to our GDP or reduce it by the same amount. Politicians and Civil Servants have never willingly issued comprehensive figures on the costs of immigration or the number of immigrants. To do so would have been to reveal their incompetence. Some investigative journalists and the odd whistle blower have revealed the true extent of the “problem”.

A recent TV documentary on this subject interviewed a Somali woman living in East London with her three or four children. Her husband had left and was thought to be living in Kenya. Her income, from the local authority, was given as £34,000 per annum. This of course included all kinds of income support, child benefits and so on.

The last time I looked at the UK’s crime figures 15% of all jail inmates were “foreigners” and 25% came from ethnic minorities. I have worked in over 50 countries and cannot think of one who was so lax with its immigration policies and policing. Immigration is the one factor that affects each and every facet of UK life be it education (including special needs and interpreting services), crime (police, courts, jails, legal aid etc) health, transport, housing, utilities, social services / special needs. All lurch from crisis to crisis.

Government spending increases year on year to pay for these services and taxes increase. Each year the Government goes deeper in to debt. The UK’s share of global trade decreases year on year and our negative trade balance increases. The Government just hopes that our GDP / Tax Revenues will grow year on year. Increasing taxes be they direct or “stealth taxes” can be / is counter productive.

The UK is now one of the most densely populated countries on earth with a population in excess of 64 millions. England alone has a population density of around 1100 people per square mile (USA 7.1, China 341, Canada 8, France 280, India 764, Germany 495, Russia 22).

The UK has over 64 million people, personal debt exceeds GDP and Government debt is now around £500 Billion and growing by around £35 Billion per annum. The UK is increasingly dependent on others for manufactured goods, energy and food. Around 80% of the UK’s energy is generated by oil / gas / coal fired power plants, in France the figure is 20%.

Politicians argue that mass immigration drives up our GDP and yet, as stated earlier in these notes, it may reduce our GDP. What it does mean is that all services come under increasing pressure year on year and in many areas are failing. With this level of population we are highly vulnerable to any glitch in world trade particularly any factor that would reduce our importation of oil and LNG.

I have attended many meetings on this subject. The Politicians who have spoken have at best been naive. In truth they have been disingenuous and economic with the truth. They have never had the figures for immigration and misquote (or are simply ignorant of the contents of) the 1951 UN Charter for Refugees.

I see little or no prospect of the UK’s economy gaining momentum or expanding. We are a service- based economy and in difficult times it is the service sector that suffers most. The UK has over 8 million people who are “commercially inactive”. Over 25% of all jobs are Government jobs. We have seen what can happen when credit dries up or interest rates take a hike.

There is little prospect of levels of immigration diminishing as the UK is the destination of choice for many economic migrants, we are members of the EU and 500 million EU citizens have the right to come to the UK and finally the worlds population (having grown from 1.6 billion to 6.4 billion between 1900 and 2006) is set to exceed 9 billion in the next 35 years.

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Nationalist Conservatism by David Hamilton

Conservatism was an attempt to preserve traditional ways and differed from Liberalism but became Liberal, Classical then Social Democratic - abstract rights, capitalism, economics, laissez faire and self interest- now Cultural Marxism.

Like the other parties they offer the electorate incentives to get into power and at election time pretend they will introduce popular policies like controlling immigration but once in office pursue their own agenda. This should be a criminal offence and the Party name subject to trading standards law.

Academic Conservatives have tried to revive Conservatism by turning it into a competing ideology but it has no goal only living life by belonging to a historical community and culture and passing it on to one’s children. It is not a different opinion in a rational debate but an attitude and temperament in life. Rational plans and formulae are for the rationalist-ideologues: which is why these are “intimations” not a blueprint and cannot be stated a priori like utopian ideologies. There is more to human nature than reason.

It is not just reaction to current dominant doctrines nor a rejection of future utopias as fantasy in order to re-live a past utopia, not an attempt to turn back the clock to a bygone time but is a traditional way of thinking and feeling for one’s own ethnic community. The turning point is now as we who feel alienated and dispossessed begin re-developing a tradition for our common good and to revive our collapsing civilisation. We value wisdom over rationalist ideologies.

Wisdom is passed down by tradition, especially the family and develops from naivety through learning the lessons of life, how people behave and what they are capable of doing to each other, to practical wisdom which we pass it on to our children to
prepare them for life. Received ideology is arrested development.

We are born into a family, community and nation with history, culture and a civilisation that pre-exist us and we imbibe it as we grow up: It lives in us, and we in it. This has a conscious and an unconscious effect which makes us what we are. We have piety for our past and reverence for the achievements of our ancestors and a duty to pass it on to our descendants. It is an affective relationship that endures in time not a rationalisation into independent individuals interacting; much less the Cultural Marxist prejudice of slotting selected groups - blacks, homosexuals and women - into abstract categories with legal privileges.

We belong to a nation as Edmund Burke explained: “A nation is not an idea only of' local extent, and individual momentary aggregation: but it is an idea of' continuity which extends in time as well as in numbers and in space. And this is a choice not of one day, or one set of people, not a tumultuary and giddy choice; it is a deliberate election of the ages and of generations; it is a constitution made by what is ten thousand times better than choice, it is made by the peculiar circumstances, occasions, tempers, dispositions, and moral and special habitudes of' the people, which disclose themselves only in a long space of time(1)

Enoch Powell defined our belonging succinctly in the debate on the 1981 British Nationality Act “Your nation is who you will fight for.” T.S.Eliot, our ways, ”… the term culture... includes all the characteristic activities and interests of -a people: Derby Day, Henley Regatta, Cowes, the twelfth of August, a cup final, the dog races, the pin table, the dart board, Wensleydale cheese, boiled cabbage cut into sections, beetroot in vinegar, nineteenth century Gothic churches and the music of Elgar.” (2)

Our Christian faith activates our spiritual natures but Ideology is a secular religion which replaces national religion and having no spiritual content gives rise to earthly fanaticism. It has nothing transcendent only a forced move towards utopia on earth instead of heaven.

This developed from the French Enlightenment: one of the most significant events in human history that changed the human focus from looking back to the past for wisdom, the Bible, Aristotle and Plato, say, to working towards a vague, future utopia. It requires an idea of the person as abstract and malleable, with substance removed conceptually to fit them into a mental blueprint for utopia - Marxism's classless society, the feminists’ androgynous society, the liberal brotherhood of man and the Nazis' thousand year Reich of pure Aryans.

The present Utopia is the coffee coloured, Multi-Racial society. Norman Pannell urged a practical approach to immigration at the 1958 and 1961 Conservative conferences suggesting immigrants have health checks and those who are criminal be deported; Colonial Secretary Iain Macleod countered at a fringe meeting with his utopian belief in the brotherhood of man.

The Ten Commandments are duties which have been more important than rights in our historical and cultural achievement with the greatest art, literature and music inspired by God. A nation based on the duty of men and women is conscientious about responsibilities and obligations: a right-centred society is one in which individuals assert their personal desires. They are encouraged by Human Rights Acts to demand rights, with no consideration for the consequences of those demands on other people, like the right to protest and demonstrate conflicts with the right of pedestrians and motorists to use the public roads.

Human Rights are the modern Rights of Man. Conservatives believe in liberty but derived from belonging to a nation and is opposed to the universal, abstract rights of liberals and the group rights of cultural Marxists.

Because of the Human Rights Act “travellers” are being given our countryside. They buy farming land and convert it into caravan parks, then claim right of settlement. In the Spectator of December 17th 2005 philosopher Roger Scruton urged rural residents to save their countryside by clubbing together and buying it.

Rural communities should “take power into their own hands” as they had shown that the Hunting Act cannot be enforced we must now rescue our countryside from outsiders who are favoured by the Government. Neighbours (we) should club together to buy small parcels of land from desperate farmers then rent it back at a peppercorn rent.” They have done this in Professor Scruton’s neighbourhood and saved them from both travellers and agribusinesses.

The Conservative sense of nation was described by Cambridge don Dr John Casey in an address to the Conservative Philosophy Group. In the nineteenth century,” culture was taken to be the whole life of the people, and not just its highest achievements in, say, the fine arts. This involved an attempt to understand society and the nation through the sum total of its practices, traditions and institutions.

This tradition of thought has always had political implications, since the public institutions of the nation - religious and political - are clearly part of the whole life of the people. And the term most frequently invoked to express the whole life of the people, including the sense of itself as a political entity, was nation. The idea of the nation was something that could include the life of local communities, relations between classes, and indeed all those ways in which people impose a sense of themselves upon merely economic arrangements.” (3) He was persecuted and recanted but it still stands as an example of how we can become homogenous again safe from imported gang murders, muggings and Muslim bomb attacks.

Civilisation is created by effort and genius and must be renewed daily but is being undermined by our rulers for a new world order. Through studying history we learn that civilisations decline and fall when they become decadent and the people indulgent, as in Egypt and Rome which is why history is being phased out of state education.

People expect the state to solve their problems and spoiling them makes them dependent for not only material needs but their beliefs which are provided by the media and opinion formers so they become decadent and indulgent. Discrimination against us is presented as moral superiority - affirmative action. We who have emotionally bonded with our people and territory and belong here are being dispossessed by our rulers for unrealistic hopes of one world and those they brought here as cheap labour.

It takes totalitarianism to make disparate groups unite and our lives are being increasingly regulated. A hospital visit needs a password and our confidential relations with our G.P.s have been destroyed now that our personal medical histories are put on a national database. We are becoming state property.

The “Enlightened” ruling and cultural elites try to dismiss our views as prejudice but when examined their views are rationalisations of their prejudice in favour of other ethnic groups. In fact it is more accurate to define our ruling elites as an “Ideological Caste” because only those who think and act in the correct way are admitted and any who say the wrong thing are forced to publicly apologise or destroyed.

London's Science Museum cancelled a talk by Nobel prize-winning geneticist Dr James Watson, winner of a Nobel Prize for his part in discovering the structure of DNA, had been due to speak at the museum, because he suggested black people were less intelligent than white people. Watson, told The Sunday Times he was "inherently gloomy about the prospects of Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours -- whereas all the testing says not really."

The Science Museum, said "We know that eminent scientists can sometimes say things that cause controversy and the Science Museum does not shy away from debating controversial topics...However we feel that Dr Watson has gone beyond the point of acceptable debate and we are, as a result, cancelling his talk." Where was their reasoned argument? That was naked prejudice on their part.

Sir Winston Churchill tried to heal the rupture in our national continuity in 1955 by having a bill to control immigration drawn up which was not ready until June, two months after he stepped down because of his health. He wanted the Conservative party to adopt the slogan “Keep England White.” (4)

The fifth Marquess of Salisbury, grandson of the great Conservative Prime Minister and descendent of Lord Burleigh adviser to Queen Elizabeth1, wrote to Viscount Swinton in 1954, in a letter preserved at the Public Records Office, ”We are faced with a problem which, …With each year that passes, and with the general improvement with methods of transportation, the flow increases. Indeed, if something is not done to check it now, I should not be at all surprised if the problem became quite unmanageable in twenty or thirty years time. We might well be faced with very much the same type of appalling issue that is now causing such great difficulties for the United States. The main cause of this sudden inflow of blacks is of course the Welfare State. So long as the antiquated rule obtains that any British subject can come into this country without any limitation at all, these people will pour in to take advantage of our social services and other amenities and we shall have no protection at all.”

That Queen Elizabeth I had “Blackamoors” expelled from her realm in 1601 shows what a Conservative value it is.

The Daily Telegraph of 4/10/07 reported, “Foreign criminals are moving out of big cities and infiltrating rural towns and villages. The gangs include Jamaican "Yardies" selling crack in Hereford and Cambridgeshire, Chinese criminals called "Snakeheads" in Lancashire and Norfolk, Albanians running prostitution rings in Hampshire and Colombian cocaine networks in Chelmsford, Essex.

A television series, “ Crime Invasion — Britain's New Underworld”, for
the Virgin 1 satellite channel, was presented by Rageh Omaar, a journalist who has worked for the BBC. Omaar said: "Crime in the UK is changing and making the series has shown me that it is happening right underneath our noses." The chief constable of Cambridgeshire, Julie Spence, has said that immigrant workers were importing their national feuds and criminal behaviour to rural England.”

Democracy is a myth. Few people bother to vote. It attracts inadequate and ignoble people to office because it involves bribing and deceiving people into voting for them; it attracts hypocrites who preach family values and commit adultery or who preach equality but send their own children to public schools. As few voters read the parties manifestoes they have no mandate. The main issues are general movements that political parties conform to, not attached to a political party. In our time it is multi-racialism and all three follow it.

Culture is treated as independent of people and anyone can come and adopt it like putting on and taking off clothes. Aristocracy is a form of rule that suggests permanence and continuity as they embody the nation and its traditions. A warrior class based on the land, their duty was to defend the nation was well as rule it.

The House of Lords must be re-created as the new chamber will be for rewarding members of the political elite and to stack decisions in the elites favour. Only the gullible think this will be democratic. It is part of the ongoing takeover of our lives by moneyed elites whose loyalty is to themselves and whose vision is the dissolution of our nation for unworkable Globalist aims. They are using people for cheap labour - both outsourced and imported. Re-creating the Lords will be a step back to aristocratic and monarchical rule.

Rights were demands of the capitalists that led the French Revolution. Our main historical references are the American and French revolutions and the nationalist revolutions of 1848. It began the destruction of the natural order of sceptre and crown for rule of the Liberal-Capitalist class where membership was not by blood but money. They wanted the disestablishment of religion, the dissolution of nationhood, the denial of race as a social factor, and finally World Government or Utopia.

The media elites manipulate the masses into supporting these ideas. The main issues of the day are movements that political parties conform to: they are not
attached to particular parties and the major movement of our time is multi-racialism and all three parties conform to it.

Traditional prejudice conveys wisdom to new generations but Liberals and cultural Marxists think they have transcended prejudice yet beneath their high-mindedness is the prejudice that immigrants are essentially good but whites are essentially bad and they take sides with immigrants a priori - the rationalisation comes after: “They are going to become English”, “they are bringing diversity”; “Islam the religion of peace”, “they are enriching our culture”, “the hospitals could not run without them”, “we need their doctors”.

This justifies them asset stripping the third world of workers and doctors. It is motivated not by guilt but shame: if you feel guilty you are remorseful and seek to make amends which our elites do not do but direct immigrants into our communities so we are used to make amends for them.

They live in lovely areas or safely in gated communities while ordinary people get mugged, burgled and raped, and put at risk of Aids and T.B. They do not spoil their own areas but use worthy causes like Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England to preserve them. When centres for asylum seekers are proposed for the countryside, the elites are in uproar to keep them out. Political, intellectual and corporate elites are selfish and think only of themselves. The one gets cheap labour, the others pose as moral beacons to the un-enlightened. They loathe their own people and do not care how much we suffer as long as they feel virtuous.

Many illegals work unlawfully long hours for almost nothing and have their liberty restricted by their masters and classic hypocrisy is the elites apologising for historic slavery while importing wage slaves! This is opposite of the Conservative virtue Noblesse Oblige: the obligations of the noble to the lower orders who reciprocate by loyalty and service.

Modern Noblesse Oblige would be adopting economic protectionism. This value was preserved in opponents of immigration including working-class Socialists as the British are naturally Conservative. In the Commons immigration debate on the 5th of December 1958 Labour’s Frank Tomney (Hammersmith), remarked “We have been sent here by the electorate to give expression to issues which concern them.”

Conservative Cyril Osborne (Louth) 25th March 1965 spoke up for the working class in an immigration debate in the House of Commons. He said that in 1958 he could see the social evils and could still see them, “…for more than ten years I have begged this house – my own side as well as the party opposite – to face this problem which haunted me, as it still haunts me because I could see the social evils”.

If anything goes wrong it cannot be others so they blame their own people and the connative word is “racism”. It is only applied to whites. We are the scapegoats for the setbacks on the road to their utopia.

The ideas that we are told rule our lives are but rhetoric. Equality masks hierarchy. Dr.Frank Ellis left Leeds University after an Inquisition for speaking of, amongst other things, “humane repatriation.” The University stated: “Dr Ellis has acted in breach of our equality and diversity policy, and in a way that is wholly at odds with our values. Second, in publicising his personal views on race, Dr Ellis has recklessly jeopardised the fulfilment of the University’s obligations under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000. As a public body, the University is required under that Act to promote good relations between people of different racial groups.”

Modern society has been built on the foundation of "equality" and therefore statements like this type threaten its roots. The analogy with the 17th century Papacy persecuting Galileo is apposite. Yet the elites are a hierarchy. The law was passed by the rulers then acted on by bureaucrats and academics lower down the hierarchy and finally the students protested obediently. Equality is imposed from the top, down a hierarchical chain of authority. That is the natural state and our recognition of natural hierarchy is only acknowledging what Liberals and Cultural Marxists try to deny!

Nationalist Conservatives are protective of civil society which took centuries to grow! If we are split up by introducing masses of aliens, the basis of civility, which is trust, is destroyedbecause they have different ambitions and goals and each group become rivals and neither we nor they, know when historical enmity will surface.

A major value is Tradition: ribs that hold communities together. One of the most important is our language and there is a new political vocabulary developing, un-self consciously. Take the word English. During the Empire the home countries were subsumed under the word British and it is PC to say British now but people are describing themselves as English, Scottish, Welsh and Ulster to emphasise their national identity.

This happened with flags and the authorities’ rationalisation against is re-claim them from extremists! We need a concrete vocabulary with which to explicate the world around us and describe human nature. The Welsh have it right in their great anthem “Land of my Fathers”. “English” is changing as the English affirm their collective identity, mentally disentangle from the EU and the term British disintegrates. This reflects change in British relationships. Country is vapid but land means something. Anglo Saxon words are folksy and Latin more abstract so our political vocabulary requires old English words.

Joseph de Maistre, the Savoyard counter-revolutionary, encapsulated the unreality of abstractions in his famous quote, ”In the course of my life I have seen Frenchmen, Italians, Russians; ... but man I have never met”

The ruling bureaucrats of the E.U. and our regional Government are restricting our vocabularies through P.C. so that we speak and think in the way they want us to, and are devising an artificial way of describing Muslims to avoid calling some terrorists. This totalitarian control of thought through language began with the French revolutionaries, was continued by the Bolsheviks, Mao’s cultural revolution and in the west by cultural Marxists with their gradual cultural revolution.

Take our degraded art and literature: it is for talented people to re-link with spiritually uplifting art and re-grow it. For example, in Poetry, re-link with our original Anglo-Saxon forms such as the beautiful internal rhyme of alliteration, whereas end rhyme is dull and monotonous; or, Medieval because of the importance of Ballads as a vehicle to convey our suffering under our elected representatives who are against us. The matter of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham is precedent.

The family is exemplified in Monarchy. The institution of Monarchy is the embodiment of the nation and the Monarch is on our stamps, our court cases are Regina v X; we walk and drive on the Queen’s highway. The throne goes automatically to her successor. It is not the person but the office. The king is dead long live the king. It is continuity but also has a deep archetypal import that touches our deepest instincts.

The natural form of Government is absolute Monarchy. It is the summum bonum of our family system and the family is its reflection. King and Queen are Father and Mother of the nation. Our current royal family are badly advised and reflect the general chaos instead of setting an example. I once read that the Queen Mother liked Ali G!

This is propaganda to make them more ordinary in deference to demands by the tabloids and their global-elite owners but has made them contemptible. We must begin working towards absolute monarchy. They have archetypal importance to their people and a relationship with the whole nation not certain classes and factions.

From the fifth Commandment we learn to honour our mothers and fathers. The family is the beginning of civilisation and we have warnings from one-parent families to go by - the misery and trouble they are often in. The bonds that unite us are affective not rational - we feel that we belong and are comfortable. We feel at home. We like our land because we have bonded with it and this bond has been sanctified by time. These affections grow naturally within the family where responsibility for our community begins and is perpetuated in creating and rearing children and renewing our community so what was handed down to us is passed on.

Homosexuals do not have this fulfilment as they have no further stage to move onto and remain in adolescence. Our babies have been devalued as little more than attributes of the woman’s body, her rights are paramount and the father does not count. Abortion is erasing our posterity and 6 million babies have been killed since the 1967 Abortion Act!

Fetishism is being popularised by our cultural and intellectual elites. This is deriving thrills from injury and degradation. It is the erotic form of hatred and consent is no excuse because if not countered evil spreads and soon those who do not consent will be abused and bullied by perverts. With outside forces working to destroy our boys and girls parents must regain sovereignty over their families and take responsibility for their children and Home School to rescue them from state corruption which is teaching them to give their land away and to become sexual perverts.

An early progressive William Godwin wrote in Political Justice(1793) that marriage and parental duties are irrational and believed as utopians do that society would become better and that men and women would in the future not behave so narrowly but for the benefit of everyone. The family is not narrow: its influences emanate outwards. Nearly all our traditions and institutions have been destroyed so we are going to have to re-link with many of them and grow others from our roots.

The cultural Marxists are planning “Faith Schools” to allow other ethnic groups to instil standards of behaviour and education but try to ruin ours. Jim Knight, the schools minister, was reported in the Daily Telegraph of 8 October 2007 as saying the Government was considering how to simplify the balloting process adopted under 1998 legislation.” Ministers are paved the way for the adoption of fresh powers to abolish academically selective education. They said parents should get the chance to force the closure of grammar schools in their area if the majority of families opposed selection by ability.

Jim Knight, the schools minister, said the Government was considering how to simplify the balloting process adopted under 1998 legislation in which schools could be forced to drop the 11-plus.” The education Guardian on Monday June 25, 2007 told us the other part of the political elite the Conservative party ”announced last month that if it won the next general election there would be no return to
grammar schools on the grounds that they do little to benefit children from poorer backgrounds. Instead, the party has promised to continue Tony Blair's flagship education reform and support the expansion of the academy schools programme - independent state schools sponsored by business.”

We must counter these attempts to destroy our children by cultural Marxists. Parents must take back responsibility for their sons and daughters from the state. We need to re-introduce grammar Schools or even found new public schools to impart traditional values like honour, duty and service; others must consider Home Schooling networks to give their young the standard of education the state schools are denying them and to instil self-worth and a sense of belonging instead of teaching them to give up their country to outsiders and to become sexual perverts.

We must revive local fairs and festivals and develop our Folk music traditions by taking traditional forms but using words and sentiments suitable for our present time to express our sufferings under the elites. These are not rationalist formulae but suggestions for our creative young people to develop in practice. They will forge natural, emotional bonds with their own people, their traditions and civilisation.

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