Tuesday, 10 July 2007


The CDA goes from strength to strength. We are now the leading voice of the radical Tory right in Britain. We oppose the social liberal betrayal of our party. We oppose the infiltration of the "modernisers". We want real opposition to Blair. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK.

The CDA has held prominent national events - including a much-reported Tory conference rally, and our Spring Conference and policy forum. We deployed a big force during the Countryside March, and our supporters bombard newspapers with letters and press releases. Hundreds have attended our meetings - and thousands have contributed to our website debates.Our activists work throughout the country to oppose the betrayal of British conservatism.

Our advertisements in the press are seen by thousands of people. The CDA has arrived - and we will not be bullied, or silenced!But our campaigns - on the EU, asylum, regaining our freedom, fighting the Blairite PC police state, defending rural Britain - cost money.

We need to keep the momentum going, to keep our movement strong! Now, we are moving up a gear, with plans for some very big and spectacular campaigns. More will be revealed in due course, but in the meantime, YOU can get us to the all-important "Stage 2".

Our national appeal will enable the CDA to move forward and fight for you. Do you want to see a real Tory opposition in Britain? Do you want to hear the voice of patriotism loud and clear, instead of evil political correctness? Do you long for the nation we had - do you long to give your children a Britain to be proud of? Then help the CDA!

Please - for the sake of the cause, send your donations to:

The CDA National Patriotic Appeal,
BCM 9045,

Please make all cheques payable to: The Conservative Democratic Alliance.



About Me

Mike Smith, is Chairman of the Conservative Democratic Alliance (CDA). He was formerly on the Executive Council of the Conservative Monday Club. He is a Chartered Surveyor. Distinguished members of Mr Keith-Smith's family include James Keith, the legendary Prussian Field-Marshal, and his brother George Keith, hereditary Earl Marischal of Scotland and friend of Frederick the Great. Through his paternal grandmother he is descended from Frederick Philipse, Dutch-born merchant of New Amsterdam. Distinguished members of the family who subsequently made their life in England included General Sir Frederick Philipse Robinson. Smith was a member of the Conservative Party for 32 years, attaining area rank and serving for several years as Vice-Chairman of Portsmouth South Conservatives. In 2002 he was expelled from the party for attacking Iain Duncan Smith in print. Challenging this unlawful expulsion with a writ, he was readmitted and his costs paid by Central Office. In the 2005 General Election he stood as the UKIP candidate for Portsmouth North. Smith recently won a major test case for libel over the internet against a former schoolteacher.